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A Cliff's Tears

I stand on the ledge of the cliff
I feel the winds blow
I smell the sweet ocean
And this is what I know

I taste the earth's bitterness
I see it with my eyes
I hear the deaf silence
Imagining the size

The water crashes viciously
Along the cliff's side
The water roars in agony
Yet it won't remise

I feel a mist arise
As the waves decide to sedate
I think the wind agrees
And also decides to placate

My hairs height dies down
And the clouds release the moon
But yet I still feel
The storm will come back soon

So I leave this abused spot
Thats been eroded through the years
I say good-bye to the ocean
And wipe the cliff's tears

Lonely Girl

all alone in the world
she cries out one hears her...

all alone in the world
she reaches out one sees her...

all alone in the world
searching for a hand,
a shoulder one is there...

all alone in the world
...'till she's gone...



So swiftly soon she sank down into the shadows of the night. She could no longer take what had been given to her throughout her life. Towards every one, she smiled like a child infront of presents on Christmas but behind those gifts hid the everlasting grimaces of her everyday life. Through her childhood, she thought nothing of these problems because of the hope she had that they would always go away and the comfort of her daily toys and stuffed animals. But now she had grown into a teenager, and these pains and worries had not yet gone away. The only thing she could think was how easily she could rid herself of every pain in the world and would not have to worry about triumph nor failure because it would end every thought and experience she would have had.