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Don't Fall Away-Submitted by: Mensa

And today is the day that I fall apart
And hope tomorrow never comes;
No one knows my wishes
My hopes, my fears.

My deep scars
Cannot be shown,
Don't look beneath my skin,
Scars within
Hide it even deeper
Don't want to show the world,
Nor you,
I don't know what I am looking for.

I can't help myself to this feeling,
This feeling, I despise it
I hate myself;
Yet always yearning, searching for it.

I feel like I let myself down
Like i want to.
I can't control it
Wanting this day to be over

Can you take me there?
Where I can be away
From everyone
And all my pain.
Away from this moment in time,
Drift off like slowly moving clouds
Into the unknown
And fade away.

Untitled-Written by: Crztna

how much i'd like to hate you
reaching down your throat to pull out that heart
dripping, wrenching in your sorrows
just as you did with mine.
how much i'd like to love you
the times you said you'd be there
and i believed, not knowing more.
the lies, profound and yearning
for the attention
my affection
what's going on
my heart is battered enough as is.
would you like to rip my
veins out, once connected
to where this center of joy was?
no, leave me alone.
oh, how much i'd like to.
take your insides and turn them around,
then you'd know how i'm feeling
this feeling
which once marked
everything i felt.
for you.

chocolate chip cookies

submitted by: Amy

sitting up every night
awake, alone
my head filled with ideas
my heart with desire
my body with fear
it intensifies
as thoughts of you leaving bounce
back and forth
through my crowded head
what i wouldnt give
to hear your voice
to feel your heart beating next to mine
chocolate chips cookies were always my favorite too
i promise id bake them for you forever
if you'd let me.